05/15/06- 00:20:02 EST
by: wildarmsheero

Well, this is it. The first comic of Mistakes of Youth. I understand that the joke is rather cliched, but it works well as a litmus test of sorts. Basically, it's meant to weed out the wimps. If you like stuff like this, stick around; if you don't like it, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Art wise, it's fine, I guess. Again, I did the lines with my newly acquired light box, but this time I used a mechanical pencil. The lines are a little dirty here and there but overall good, I guess. Still not to the standard of computer inking. It's a good first comic, though. Far better than burning lights.

As you can see, the site is far from finished. Right now only the archive, comic and link pages are up. CM and I made some pages over the weekend, which I need to edit. I'll add them once they're finished. We have an RSS feed now. It'll update whenever there's a new comic. If I feel like it, it may update with each new rant. We also have a nifty favicon! There's going to be a new forum soon. Look out for that.

Not much has really happened between the last update and this one, so there's not much to talk about. That's it for the first update. Pretty lame, huh?


05/15/06 - 13:14:25 EST
by: Crazyman

So...Welcome to Mistakes of youth. Formly sfgwejglkjhsdlg.com. I hope you liked the way everything turned out, I know I did. The character, staff, art, and gift art sections will be up in the next couple of days (a.k.a whenever Wildarms gives the "ok.") Anyway if you missed my rant on what mistakes of youth is. Here you go:

What is 'Mistakes of Youth'? Mistakes of Youth follows Rets and Tina into college parallel to Wildarms and GS's experience in college. And, every once in a while, it will come back to CM and how he is now left all alone in high-school. The comic will feature all the archived comics from 'z/;fljsdlagh' as well as new ones hopefully to be updated every week. The comic will have more of a focus on Anime related issues and jokes, therefore excluding such political comics that have appeared in the past. Brad and Kim will be making less of an appearance (not much change from the current comic I know) and will cameo every once in awhile.

Why the name?
Well, first off, we needed a name change. Most people - when referring to the comic asdfhsdakjgh get the completely wrong impression. Mistakes of Youth doesn't really suggest anything other than a Mistake of Youth and any Anime fan should be able to spot the reference at once. Also, Wildarms likes to call this comic a 'Mistake of Youth', so take that, as you will.

When is it Launching?

And of course, there's the question you're all going to be asking. What is happening to CM? He's going to be left alone in high-school for a whole year without Wildarms and GS!

Well, thanks for asking. I really appreciate the thought. Well, I have to admit that I saw this coming from a mile away (it's not that hard to figure out). Yes, I will be very bored at school, but believe it or not I do have other friends...they just don't like anime. So, that will be difficult. Communication with GS and Wildarams will be done via such programs as skype and AIM/MSNMessenger. It will be sad, but I'll see them during the summer. Seriously...I'm heartbroken...I think I feel a tear...