["The Real Pirate King!"]

05/24/06- 23:08:46 EST
by: wildarmsheero

Well, looks like I killed the forum. The tutorial said "furthest button to the right", how was I supposed to know that the button was actually "drop table" and not "empty table"? Guh, should have made a backup. So yeah, anyway, forum's gone. My fault. We should have an Inivision one soon, so don't worry too much. I just hope PEOPLE JOIN THIS FORUM.

Oh yeah, the lineart for the new comic is pretty much done. If all goes well, it should be up by Friday. It will be a topical one.


Ok, another unfunny comic. This is off to bad start... ugh. Well, I guess you really have had to seen Karin to grasp just how much importance they put on her breasts. Maybe then it's funny. I dunno. At least the art's pretty good. It kinda sucks that when I was doing the character art for this comic, I accidently overwrote its PSD with the comic template right when I finished with it. Thus, I had to color the characters all over again. It's sad when this happens, because you just know that those last three hours of work were simply fated to go to nothing.

As far as site updates go, a staff section has been added. It will be updated with better pictures at some point. The character section has also been added. That too will be updated with character sketches at a later date. I've also included a link to the forum. This is the old forum, but it'll hold people over until I buy an Invision Board license. The galleries and the introduction will be added soon, too.

I made this Karin wallpaper. AnimePaper didn't like it. Said it was too simple. Minimalism is a dying art. So is laziness.

I guess I'll change the featured song to Hare Hare Yukai, 'cause Haruhi-ism is strong. While the opening is better musically, this song is just so cheerful and nice. I instantly fell in love with it and you will too, if you have a soul. Well, maybe it has to be seen in context first. And the DDR version!

New featured site is The Heisei Democracy, a journal of Japanese 2D Culture. Usually updated with news (I say usually because sometimes ol' Shingo needs to take a break) and he posts the occasional editorial. He also has some nice pieces under "features" such as evaluations of the anime running durring whatever season and a "how to" guide to Comiket. His most recent thing was this, which was interesting.

I recently re-watched FLCL. This time, I watched in Japanese. All the other times I had watched it dubbed, but given my recent obsession with "the original work" I decided to watch in Japanese. It wasn't too hard to align the voices, since the dub voices pretty much sound just like the Japanese voices. Amarao's voice was the most different. The English voice made him sound a bit too manly and cool. In this viewing I also got a better grasp of what was actually going on. I enjoyed it. I forgot how nice it looked.

Yeah, I'm not really in a writing mood right now. That's all for now. (Image of Karin's breasts taken from this blog)

[Bass. Bass. Bass. (Treble)]

05/20/06- 12:59:59 EST
by: crazyman

Firt Comic: Gay Sex
Second Comic: Boobs
Third Comic: ?

OK. I'm going to be brutally honest here. I do not like this comic. Sorry WAH. Don't take it personally. I know how hard you work on the comic. But I really don't like this one. And no it's not the last panel, or the art overall. It's just the writing. I really don't like the comic. It's about men thinking of boobs. There's nothing more to it. Granted, when has this comic ever been anything but shallow, BUT COME ON! Anyway, I'm done here. That's enough hating on this comic.

On to what I've been up to lately. I've decided after a long time waiting for a better version to arrive, I'm buying the Nintendo DSLite. Thank god. Really I loved the concept of the DS and though the games on the system were complete and utter genius. But I hated the way the thing looked, it was bulky. But now with the release of the DSLite on June 11th, I can finally purchase the games that I have always wanted.

My dutch friend introduced me to DJ Tiesto, who I have to say is brilliant and I am now in the process of downloading some of his songs. Which, is what my name is referencing.

But now on to the most inportant topic of today: Lost. This series is genius. Beyond words the best live-action television show to come on the air in awhile. And apparently this series finale is supposed to blow your mind. Michael's choices have been intriguing and the choice to kill two people for his son rivals the extreme choices that any good series should have. I think the biggest debate is "What would you do in his situation?" It's hard to say. It's a hard situation having your son taken from you, then having him returned only to crash on a crazy ass island and have him stolen by crazy scienctists. Anyway, that's just my two cents.