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03/26/11- 11:35:56 EST
by: wah

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[Tokyo, Mon Amour]

03/07/11- 17:34:32 EST
by: wah

At long last, the end of Mistakes of Youth... part 1. The reason why I'm arbitrarily drawing a line here is because I'm going to be changing the entire Mistakes of Youth site over to WordPress soon. This will happen once I finish the next comic, which may not be for a while since I'll be changing residences again pretty soon. But look out for it! All the comics up until now will be moved to a different location, probably http://old.mistakesofyouth.com.

I'm also starting a new WordPress based site for all my artwork, which means all updates on this blog will come to an end. But don't worry! I'll still keep it up as an archive, if you really want to read the chronicles of my misspent youth.

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