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05/26/06- 01:46:53 EST
by: wildarmsheero

Well, I'm sure by now everyone's heard the horrible news. Yes, that so-called "Genshiken Season Two" that was announced at last year's Winter Comike turned out to be another Kujian anime. Now... this doesn't exactly mean that a second season won't happen, it's just... well... things aren't looking good for our little un-finished Genshiken TV anime. The manga DID just end though, so we still might see a second season somewhere down the line. I mean, in the end, I'm fine with the manga. The manga IS better, but I saw the Genshiken anime first, and I'd like to see rest of the manga come to life in animation. As far as the actual comic goes... there was a bunch of influences. At first, it was just going to be Rets finding out the news, flying to Japan and punching the Media Factory workers. Then someone reminded me that this joke was used in Family Guy (I knew I got it from somewhere...), so I decided to add a little twist to it. I don't know if it's actually FUNNY or not. The same someone also wanted me to add in Ohno. And why not? We all love Ohno. I just hope it looks like Ohno. Just a little. The art overall is ok, not my best. The clean trace is a little... well... not clean. Overall the comic is fairly solid, I guess. It's a part 1, by the way. There's a small part 2 afterwards.

Oh yeah, regarding the forum. Like I mentioned earlier, I think I borked it beyond repair. Expect a new one in a few weeks...

Turns out I'll most likely be learning Japanese this summer. This is going to rock. I mean, I don't know how much I can cover in just 3 months, but if it's enough to learn the basics then I'm happy. I just need to keep practicing so I don't forget.

I'm so buying this. I can just see it now, all the semenonfigure gifs involving this figure.

I just got around to watching the GITS: SAC DVDs I bought around 6 months ago. It's a great show, and I'm enjoying it a lot more in Japanese than I did in English on TV. This isn't to say the English dub is bad, it's just that the Japanese actors really do put more feeling into their rolls. Especially Motoko. The problem is, it's not a relaxing show. Well, no GITS thing is relaxing but it requires me to be in the right frame of mind to watch it. Especially in Japanese. Another problem with GITS:SAC is how, even though it's such a high budget production, they can't even TRY to keep the animation between episodes consistent. I donft know, this could be intentional.

I'm also watching the original Lupin TV series, which as been fun (I saw the first 10 or episodes a few years ago). I like the original TV series more than the TV series that's being released out in the states (even though I do own 9 DVDs of that one...) The original series has animation that I find to be far better than that of Lupin III Part 2. The character designs are a lot better, too. The music used in the original series is interesting as well. It seems to be less Jazzy and more '60s sounding. Some music choices are just plain weird; yet, they seem to suit the scene so perfectly. The episode I'm thinking about in particular is episode 2, the one with Pycal. The music in this episode simply has to be heard, because I don't have the musical vocabulary needed to describe it. I can say that the music in this episode sets a very surreal tone that suits the surreal nature of the episode. So far my favorite episode is episode 4, the one where Lupin gets sent to prison. I found this episode to be very humourous and clever. I've read this same chapter in the manga, and it's pretty much identical, save a few (welcome) changes in the TV series version.

I recently saw the end of Jigoku Shoujo (what, nearly two months after it's done in Japan? Well, that's not as bad as Ichigo Mashimaro or... Futakoi Alternative or FUCKING PANI PONI DASH. Why do the shows I like get no love?) The ending came right out of nowhere, because the show never really spent anytime to develop it. It spent way too much time on the "hate of the week" thing and never really dove into the story until the last minute. I feel the series would have benefited from being a tight 13 episodes. While I did enjoy a lot of the hate of the week stories, a 13 episode series would bring more importance to the final 3 episodes. While they're good, they almost seemed tacked on as an afterthought. Also, given the series has one of them classic anime "non-endings" when it's all said and done, one wonders "what's the point?" I mean, we did learn about Ai's past and how she came to be what she is and we got some nice heartwarming scenes between Hajime and Tsugumi (I damn nearly cried!). Also, there is a second season on the way. They're probably going to shift focus away from Tsugumi and Hajime, which will be a pity, because Tsugumi is cute. But, I'm all for a second season-- if it can improve upon all the mistakes in the first season.

While I did say Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu is deserving of all its praise a while back, I've come to notice it's been a TAD bit over analyzed. I mean, I can take analysis to a certain to (high) degree, but when it gets to the point that people are just clearly going beyond what the show/novel intended, then I get annoyed. I mean, I've been fine up till now; it's actually just one post that sparked this comment.

The new season of IGPX is already ruling, just one episode in. Fuck, I want my DVD NOW. And my Team Satomi shirt. God I want that shirt.

That's all for tonight. More fun and games next week.

give me more blood+ and zegapain ;___;

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05/20/06- 12:59:59 EST
by: crazyman

First Comic: Gay Sex
Second Comic: Boobs
Third Comic: ?

OK. I'm going to be brutally honest here. I do not like this comic. Sorry WAH. Don't take it personally. I know how hard you work on the comic. But I really don't like this one. And no it's not the last panel, or the art overall. It's just the writing. I really don't like the comic. It's about men thinking of boobs. There's nothing more to it. Granted, when has this comic ever been anything but shallow, BUT COME ON! Anyway, I'm done here. That's enough hating on this comic.

On to what I've been up to lately. I've decided after a long time waiting for a better version to arrive, I'm buying the Nintendo DSLite. Thank god. Really I loved the concept of the DS and though the games on the system were complete and utter genius. But I hated the way the thing looked, it was bulky. But now with the release of the DSLite on June 11th, I can finally purchase the games that I have always wanted.

My dutch friend introduced me to DJ Tiesto, who I have to say is brilliant and I am now in the process of downloading some of his songs. Which, is what my name is referencing.

But now on to the most inportant topic of today: Lost. This series is genius. Beyond words the best live-action television show to come on the air in awhile. And apparently this series finale is supposed to blow your mind. Michael's choices have been intriguing and the choice to kill two people for his son rivals the extreme choices that any good series should have. I think the biggest debate is "What would you do in his situation?" It's hard to say. It's a hard situation having your son taken from you, then having him returned only to crash on a crazy ass island and have him stolen by crazy scienctists. Anyway, that's just my two cents.